Why Binwash wheelie bin cleaning

We pressure wash, disinfect and deodorise your wheelie bins providing an environmentally approved solution to help keep you safe.

Wheelie bin cleaning – why is it needed?

Are your wheelie bins

  • Unpleasant to look at inside??
  • Producing some nasty odours?
  • Dirty on the outside as well as inside

Binwash UK have the solution!

Many homes have their wheelie bins in a prominent position either near the front door or back door where people have to pass by to enter the house. Are they as clean as they could be?

Cleaning your own bin can be tricky if not a hazardous operation. A simple garden hose or pressure washer with bleach may not give you a deep enough clean to remove the offending grime or odours. The Binwash UK system will get rid of unpleasant smells and harmful bacteria without putting a strain on your back.

Using industrial strength pressure washers we blast the dirt and grime, utilising an environmentally approved solution followed by a spray deodoriser that leaves the wheelie smelling sweeter.

We also wipe down inside and outside to finish the job

See the Binwash wheelie bin cleaning process.

We are pleased to offer our service to clean domestic and commercial wheelie bins throughout the local areas of Uttlesford, East Hertfordshire, South Cambridgeshire, North Hertfordshire and Braintree.

Here is a map of the area we service or click on Binwash cleaning area coverage to see if we wash wheelie bins in your area.

Binwash UK Limited operates within a framework set out by the Environment Agency, and Water Providers to ensure an environmentally safe and legal procedure. Although not always endorsed by local councils we will provide an efficient, friendly and cost effective service.

We use a purpose built machine and our cleaning process uses 100% biodegradable products. Water is filtered and recycled and we never allow our wash water or the contents of your bin to illegally flow into the roadside gullies.