Wheelie bin cleaning process

Binwash Bin Cleaning uses an Environmentally Approved System.

Our cleaning process uses only 100% biodegradable products. Our purpose-built equipment is environmentally friendly and the water is recycled through special filters. We have a reservoir of water which we recycle throughout the day. At the end of each day, the water is discharged at a location approved by the Water Authority.

Step 1

Attach the wheelie bins to the automatic hydraulic lift on the Binwash trailer.

Step 2

The bins are lifted into the cleaning position over the reservoir filled with the combined water and cleaning solution.

Step 3

Using the high pressure lance the Binwash operator blasts away the dirt and grime from the inside of the bin draining all the waste water back through the filters into the water reservoir. Any loose materials are captured and bagged.

Step 4

The outside of the bins are also blasted and the inside dried out with a squeegee and mopped dry. The bins are slowly lowered to the upright position and the outside wiped with chamois leather.

Step 5

Finally the bin is treated with a fine spray of deodoriser to keep it smelling sweetly.

Environmentally approved, Binwash operates above the standards that are required by the Environment Agency for England. The Binwash waste water is regularly tested and approved for disposal under strict conditions.