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Wheelie bin cleaning in North Hertfordshire

Wheelie bin services vary in each local authority

The area covered includes Barley, Barkway, Kelshall, Reed, Sandon, Thefield and Royston.

Binwash tailor their bin washing service to match the individual local authority provision of wheelie bins.

Binwash operate a monthly cycle to clean wheelie bins after they have been emptied. For two weeks every month, (except where public holidays interrupt), Binwash alternate between the types of bin being emptied; Food and Garden Waste, Recyclables and Non-recyclables.

Additional services are offered to clean Caddy bins and Garden Waste Bins where local authorities have introduced them as part of their wheelie bin service.

Where a wheelie bin cleaning service is interrupted by public holidays or bad weather Binwash will endeavour to clean the wheelie bins on the same days as they are eventually emptied.

(We are aware that the area is split into two with alternative collections in the same week. Please ensure your calendar is based on the correct collection sequence – Area 1 or Area 2).

Click here for the North Hertfordshire Bin Cleaning Schedule calendar Area 1

Click here for the North Hertfordshire Bin Cleaning Schedule calendar Area 2

Wheelie bins are provided by local authorities and arrangements differ.

The current North Hertfordshire arrangements are:

  Food or Food &
Garden Waste
Garden Waste
  Brown Black/Grey Purple  

Paper and cardboard are collected in the Blue Box and glass, cans and aerosols are collected in the Black Box. Binwash currently do not clean these containers.

Binwash will clean all the wheelie bins supplied. Want to know about prices?

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